Results & Testimonials.

Before & After Photos.

Last updated: 26/03/2023.

Below, you will find some impressive examples of the remarkable outcomes my clients have attained by adhering to my customized exercise and nutrition regimes. The photographs speak for themselves, showcasing the exceptional transformation in body shape that all clients have achieved. This change is immensely gratifying for both my clients and myself.

Man displaying before and after images to show results of personal trainer
Lady showing the results of her personal training sessions
Man showing the results of her PT sessions
Before & After PT Pics
Kieran Bhugobaun before & after PT pics
Man showing exercise results
female exercise body resulta
Fitness trainer in Ashford, excellent body shape results
fitness trainer in Ashford
Fantastic results after PT sessions and diet in Ashford
amazing weight loss pics in ashford gy
Fitness training photos, ashford.

Customer Testimonials.

Read below to see what some of my customers have to say about their experience of working with me as their Personal Trainer.

Honestly if you’re looking for a PT to change you for the better, there is no one I would recommend more. Kieran will push you in the gym to new limits you didn’t think we’re possible! Yeah it’s hard work, but that is how you change and I’ve reached new PB’s pretty every week since training with him. Outside the gym he is always there to push and support you both physically and mentally. Genuinely, a PT that’s cares and is at the very top of his game. It’s life changing stuff to make you a better version of yourself, so do yourself a favour and start training with him ASAP. Highly recommend.

Ben Foley – 1-1 Client

I have been seeing Kieran for 3 months and he has completely changed my understanding and outlook on fitness and nutrition. I used to go to the gym and play sport but I have never worked out like this before. I feel the best I’ve felt in years after losing just over a stone, and I really enjoy the sessions and the out of session support I also receive. Thanks Kieran, I can now go on holiday feeling the best I’ve felt is years!

Gabbi Robinson – 1-1 Client

Kieran is an absolute boss Personal trainer. He has given me everything I needed to succeed, from how to track my nutrition, meal plans, exciting workouts to knowledge around how to get results going forward. He’s been available for check ins or whenever I’ve needed to ask a question or tweak an exercise. I was stagnant in the gym before but after a few months with Kieran, I’m progressing every week and I’m stronger than ever. I’m the fittest I’ve been in the last 15 years! I’m also getting better sleep, higher energy levels, better skin & hair. I feel like a whole new woman. It has been a real pleasure working with Kieran and it’s clear that he would go above and beyond for his clients.

Lucy Pharoa – Online Client

I approached my first session with Kieran with a degree of trepidation – I have never been a fan of working out in the gym and I really didn’t know what to expect. I suspect I had some ideas of a macho atmosphere and a military style PT Instructor shouting at me. Kieran, however, could not have been further from this image and from day one I really enjoyed my training sessions.

Taking the time to listen to what I wanted and hoped to achieve, Kieran drew up a training regime which worked for me. His advice was helpful and instructive and ensured I built my strength in a steady and structured way – avoiding strain or injury. Having done yoga for many years, I was pleased to discover my flexibility helped with many of the exercises, but it was clear Kieran’s approach would work for someone who was starting from scratch.

Very quickly, I built up my muscle strength and lost weight. Although Kieran would push me to achieve he always seemed to know how far I could go and just what was realistic for me. As a testament to how good he was, although I signed up for 20 sessions I soon signed up for more.

Kieran brought me to a level of fitness and health which made me feel good about myself and confident to keep exercising. I still do yoga, but also go to the gym and do classes at the local leisure centre and have taken up running with a local club. Saturday mornings now see me at Park Run.

Overall, a great experience.

Marion Fitzpatrick – 1-1 Client

I’ve worked with KBPT on bootcamps, and recently as an online client. Whenever I’ve worked with Kieran I’ve hit peaks in strength and weight loss. He is hyper focused on getting the best out of you, and helping you achieve your goals. He is incredibly knowledgeable, will push you hard, but gets results. Kieran takes a genuine interest in helping you become your best, and doesn’t just concentrate on the physical fitness. K went above and beyond when I went through some mental health issues, checking in with me daily with genuine care for my welfare and providing amazing support and advice. If you’ve got a target K will help you achieve it, instilling healthy habits to take forward. He helped me through some hard times and probably doesn’t know quite how much I appreciate him. I cannot recommend him more highly – K will help you with whatever your goals are, and I consider him a friend as well as a trainer

Matt Bull – Online Client

Getting started with Kieran you get full training videos, tutorials and he’s always available for questions and support. He also provides you with a nutrition breakdown and diet plan. At the beginning I was doing a lot of travelling and he still gave me nutrition guidance and adapted workout plans. By the end of my programme I was very happy with my results. Kieran provides excellent encouragement and motivation, but what I took away most was an improved knowledge for physical training and nutrition. I highly recommend KBPT.

Steve Gawler – Online Client

I trained with Kieran for just over a year and he was absolutely amazing ! I am so happy with my results and I now have the confidence and knowledge to step into the gym on my own. He’s such an amazing personality and was there for me personally and was a true friend. If I were to go back to PT it would definitely be you!

Louise Martin – 1-1 Client

What can I say about Kieran at KBPT, absolute top coach an amazing trainer to work with. This guy will certainly push you all the way he’s fun to be around which also makes your training worth while. I’ve lifted weight that I thought I would never of done so I thank him so much for pushing me to my limits. I’ve achieved and reach my goals set out. So anyone looking for a PT then certainly give Kieran a go you won’t be disappointed.

Sharon Wickham – 1-1 Client

I’ve been with Kieran over a year now and have seen a massive change in my personal confidence, good development in my muscle mass & would’ve probably lost a lot more weight if I actually done as he’d told me for my diet! Kieran is not only an excellent PT but has become one of my close friends too, since I started last year! This is a testament to how easy he is to talk to and get along with. You’re a legend mate! Keep doing what you’re doing

Charlie Burden – 1-1 Client

Apprehensive about the gym environment, I knew I’d have to find the right person to work with. I found Kieran via a friend and approached him. Friendly and generous with information from the beginning, I was willing to put my trust in him. I haven’t been disappointed once!
Having very specific health nuances, I needed someone who was willing to listen and understand; adaptable and genuinely interested is an understatement. I highly recommend Kieran for anyone seeking to improve their health, learn how to help yourself and inspire a new confidence.
I have seen him with his other clients, some pro-sportsmen and some like me, very new to weights and strength training, and each of us gets a tailored service that is enriched by his passion and vast knowledge!!!

Angharad Yeo – 1-1 Client

Kieran is an absolutely brilliant personal trainer. If you want to make an actual change, whatever that may be, Kieran provides personal training, but beyond that is probably the most enthusiastic, positive person I have ever met – in the most un-annoying way too! His knowledge and explanation of why we are doing what we do and how it’s going to work for my body is invaluable. I have had personal trainers before where their support starts and ends during the hour session itself but Kieran provides support throughout your entire journey with him in and out of the gym and provides the motivation and push you need to stay consistent! I have gained so much confidence in my ability, improved my fitness and overall felt a lot happier and less stressed because of Kieran’s guidance and support! You sign up for a PT, but you get that and a therapist, a comedian and a friend all wrapped into one! The perfect recipe for success! Thank you so much Kieran.

Sunny Gill – 1-1 Client

Been training with Kieran now for almost 6 months, where to start… During this time myself and others have seen a complete positive transformation in terms of my physical shape and mental health. Kieran has proven to me anything is possible and never fails to bring the best out of me – This applies both inside and outside the gym. Delivering above and beyond the physical training, he also shares the biological and mechanical theory behind what we are doing and why as well as Meal Planning / Diet support. Going the extra mile, Kieran ensures he’s always available to answer any questions I might have and has also managed to adapt our training regime to accommodate ongoing issues relating to my scoliosis without compromising results. Can’t thank Kieran enough for everything he’s enabled me to achieve in a relatively short amount of time. Highly recommend Kieran to those looking in to starting PT sessions.

Michael Tagg – 1-1 Client

I had the pleasure of working with Kieran for a year – he was there for me during a very difficult time in my personal life and he helped me more than he will know. He is an extremely professional and knowledgeable PT, but during this time also became a great friend that managed to keep things light, motivate and support me, take into consideration my own goals and help me figure out how to plan the next steps. I have sadly moved out of the area and he will be irreplaceable.

Kersti Kalberg – 1-1 Client

Kieran was absolutely brilliant. He really looked at me holistically. He tailored a program for me that enabled me to loose 8 kilos and become stronger and grow in confidence and self esteem. Kieran took my vegan diet and other health issues I have into consideration. He is prompt to the sessions, explains why we do what we are doing, takes photos to show how our body is positively changing, provides a weekly report with targets and is always contactable for advice even out of the gym. I highly recommend Kieran as a personal trainer who really cares about the people who he trains. He supports you and educates you with how to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Suresh Swami – 1-1 Client

I’ve been training with Kieran for a few years now. If you just want to just ATTEND a gym this man is not for you. Kieran is 100% committed to your personal growth and physical improvement. Kieran expects a strong commitment from you but the results are well worth the effort and my own personal improvements are far beyond what I see on the scales.

Andrew Springett – 1-1 Client

I’ve been training with Kieran since March and what can I say, apart from a massive thank you! I’ve lost a ton of weight and my mental health is better than it’s ever been. Kieran has been super accommodating to my needs from day one. If i’ve lost this much weight in the first three months, I can’t wait to see where i’ll be in another three months. Super patient and pushes me to my limits (in a good way).

Ryan Sharpe – 1-1 Client

In May I started my new training and eating plan with Kieran. Not only has he helped me to drop dress sizes and fit into the size bikinis I wanted before my holiday, but he has also been the biggest support when I had to take some time out due to an injury, not only was he there for me with my plan and training always adapting to still push me but not hurt me anymore but also there for me mentally, always at the other end of the phone and for that I can’t thank him enough!!! He has never stopped pushing me to my full potential and I feel stronger and healthier than I have ever felt before!!!! I cannot wait to see the difference in months to come!!!! Thank you so much!!!

Lisa Messenger – 1-1 Client

What can I say – I’m nearly 3 months into a training program with Kieran, and I have so far lost just under 2 stone, and dropped 3 waist sizes. The training is hard, and he does push you, but that’s what you are paying for and expect compared to a gym. The 1-1 training is so much better, with so much encouragement and I feel the fittest I have felt in years. I look forward to what else will be achieved. On top of all of that , Kieran is always ready to reply to whatever questions you ask him. Thinking about signing up with him? DO IT!! Make some positive changes , you’ll feel better for it.

Paul Lawerence – 1-1 Client

Extremely happy with my choice to start working out with Kieran. He gives me the full attention and provides the motivation and energy to get every session done. After 4 months I can see and feel great results. Kieran provides the full specter if services and gives the little extra to ensure his customers are happy (and exhausted) when they leave a session. If you want to change your life, get ready for it!

Anders Gustav Pettersen – 1-1 Client

Kieran is a fantastic PT. I was severely struggling with my fitness & Kieran got me through my Fire & Rescue Service Fitness test in 5 weeks, pushing me to achieve levels I didn’t think I could hit by tailoring my training around the specifics needed to pass my assessment. Every session I walk out absolutely shattered knowing I’ve been pushed to the max but I love every session. We have a laugh & a joke but when it comes to the work out its game face on. If you want to reach limits you didn’t think you could hit with a PT who makes you believe in yourself then please get in touch with Kieran.

Ollie Smith – 1-1 Client

I’ve been training with Kieran for a few months now and I would highly recommend his services. I have had a couple of personal trainers before and never really saw results until training with Kieran. Within the first 4 weeks I already dropped a dress size. He tailored my food plan, helped me stay on track even when I thought I couldn’t do it. He has become a great friend and I look forward to training which I never did before! Thank you Kieran.

Elizabeth Page – 1-1 Client

Kieran has open up new dimensions for my health and fitness. I’ve gain muscle, speed, stamina endurance and strength while dropping body fat. For anyone who’s looking to transform to higher levels I definitely recommend 100%.

Anupod Sahaya – 1-1 Client

Great personal trainer, really knows his stuff & adjusts each workout to my needs. He knows how to push me to get the best from me & is an amazing help with my nutritional needs. He is also available outside of the workouts ove text for questions or help getting in the right head space. Couldn’t ask for a better trainer.

Alex Fawlk – 1-1 Client

My son has been training with Kieran over the last 6 weeks and we have been so impressed that we have booked another 20 sessions and will continue to have regular sessions indefinitely. Kieran is very knowledgable and we are confident that he is able to help my son not only reach his goals but to exceed them and he will be an integral part of my son’s overall success in sport over the coming years.

Michelle Gawler – 1-1 Client

Been doing personal training sessions with kieran for a few months now, with his help the progress I have made has been amazing, looking forward to what results the future holds for me.100% recommend using kieran for your fitness needs.

Charlotte Perrin – 1-1 Client

Kieran is an amazing pt! Extremely knowledgeable and always very encouraging! Really love each session, thank you!

Louise Foye – 1-1 Client

Really great helpful guy. If you want a pt that will push you to your limits Kieran is your man. Been with him 5 weeks so far and lost a stone and a half so clearly his practices work.

Adam Skitt – 1-1 Client

I joined Kieran because I knew I needed a change in my life. I’m always nervous to do anything out of my comfort zone but Kieran made it very easy for me.

From the 1st day, the group was so friendly, welcoming and encouraging. I felt myself get stronger and lost a little bit too. Kieran was always there to answer any questions I had or if I wasn’t asking anything he would ask himself.

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him to anyone looking to kick start their fitness journey!

Sophia Pilmong Rai – Group Training Client

I have found the nutritional advice absolutely spot on. As a type 2 diabetic Kieran tailored a diet that had help me out and given me the support to help me get my blood sugar levels on the right track.

I absolutely recommend his service to anyone looking to regain their health. Fully approachable and understanding.Thanks Kieran!

Prash De Ve – 1-1 Client

Kieran is a fantastic Personal Trainer. I moved from Hertfordshire and looked for a PT for a little while.

I started with 20 sessions to test him out and the results and motivation I have received have meant that I have kept Kieran on a rolling basis ever since starting 6 months ago.

Unlike many other PTs Kieran is available 24/7 and always pushes to get best results! He is also very passionate and motivating and always monitors your diet to check you are on track to achieve your goals! He feels personally responsible to make you achieve your results.

I cannot recommend him enough, he is the best PT I have ever had!

Nick Maari – 1-1 Client

I did a 12 week transformation with Kieran, he is a fantastic person trainer, incredibly knowledgable with weight loss and muscle building.

Kieran pushes to get the best from you and encourages you to work hard. They gym he works out of has all the latest equipment and because it’s 1-2-1 training there’s no awkwardness or being shy in-front of other gym goers which was great as I used to get quite anxious entering a gym.

Kieran’s sessions are great value for money I achieved so much more than I expected from myself to and would have definitely not have done as well on my own, especially all the split squats. Thanks Kieran!

Clare Marco – 1-1 Client

I started training with Kieran the middle of last year, I was at the biggest I have ever been, started off a size 14, he’s helped me drop 3 dress sizes and lose 2 stone.

His nutritional knowledge and work out plans catered to me along with my sessions each week. I honestly can’t thank him enough. If you’re willing to put the time and effort in Kieran will double it himself!

Hannah Holmes – 1-1 Client

It is quite a big step when you have made the decision to find a Personal Trainer and I’m so glad that I received a recommendation to see Kieran.

Right from the start Kieran made me feel at ease. He is so knowledgeable about both fitness and nutrition and has a kind and encouraging approach to get the best out of you.

He is there for you 24/7 at the end of the phone for any questions you have. His nutrition plans were well thought through and each fitness session planned and tailored to my needs and he switched it up so that I never got bored!

If you were like me and hated the thought of going to a gym then please see Kieran. I feel stronger, fitter, in much better shape and almost more importantly more confident in myself and that’s all thanks to Kieran. Book a session with him now, you won’t regret it!

Michelle Snuggs – 1-1 Client

When I relocated I wanted to find a local PT to whip me into shape. Kieran was recommended to me and I’m so glad he was. I have been training with Kieran for 7 months and I can honestly say it’s the best value for money I have ever spent!!

My aim was to lose some fat and increase strength. Kieran took this into consideration and developed a training and nutrition plan that gave me the ability to smash my goals.

Every single session with Kieran was different, keeping it fun, exciting and challenging!! You can tell that he genuinely cares about his clients and adapts to everyone to ensure he gets the best out of everyone.

The knowledge he has given me over the 7 months is amazing, both in nutrition and fitness!!!

I can not recommend Kieran enough! Whoever you are and whatever your goals, Kieran will get you sorted and you will have fun along the way! Thank you so much!!!

Sami Norman – 1-1 Client

! have been training with Kieran for 6 years. As a busy professional there is no time in my life to train in normal hours.

I spend hundreds of thousands a year looking after staff and equipment but realised the main machine in my business was crumbling, unfit, tired and on a spiral.

I have delegated Kieran to keep me fit and healthy now and I feel so much more active.

Sessions are tailored to what is needed, varied and fun.

Thanks Kieran, a true professional who is adaptable knowledgeable and motivational.

Dr Dominic Bray – 1-1 Client

This guy is incredible! The effort he puts in immense he makes you feel welcome and comfortable.

He tailors everything to your strengths and then pushes you to succeed I wouldn’t go anywhere else.

I haven’t finished with this group yet but I am 100 percent going to continue. The team work is amazing and the people in the group are so so supportive. You won’t want to go anywhere else this guy will change your life!

Amie-Jane Dawson – Group Training Client

KBPT was just what I needed. it’s given me great motivation and confidence.

The difference it has made in just 6 weeks is amazing! I have lost 11lbs and inches off my waste, my body is becoming more defined every day and I am a much happier person.

The sessions are hard but fun and the friends you make are great with the best support network you can imagine. you can’t get this from a gym!

Alex Fawlk – Group Training Client

Kieran isn’t a miracle worker but he does show you the way to work miracles!

The program is easy to follow and can be adjusted for you and your fitness levels.

He supports you 24/7 if needed or hangs back, your program your choice.

I lost over 25 inches in the 6 week challenge, two dress sizes and gained so much more in confidence and a healthier way of life. Still on my journey with Kieran and he continues to be supportive and inspiring!

Marnie Clark – Group Training Client

Over the llast few years Kieran has helped transform my body, health and mental wellness immeasurably.

Kieran has the full package, knowledge, friendliness, qualified and practices NLP (look it up) which will make you the best version of yourself you can be and with a friendly, achievable but no nonsense approach.

The best PT out there by far!

John Logan – 1-1 Client

I joined Kieran’s 6 week challenge and I loved it. The workouts are so much fun and the constant support from both the group members and Kieran is great.

It’s so great to see the transformation in everyone. My body has changed so much. I am really strong and healthy plus I have lost inches off my body.

I would highly recommend Kieran for those that are willing to work hard and dedicate yourself to his program which he is happy to alter to fit each person. It’s not easy but he makes it feel the easiest it can and you make great friends.

Amy Wernham – Group Training Client

Kieran is more than just a trainer, hes a friend. He genuinely cares about the people he helps. For me, he helped me build up my physical strength and my self confidence all within 6 weeks.

He is contactable almost 24/7 and what Kieran doesnt know about fitness just isnt worth knowing. He is a walking encyclopedia! would 100% recommend to anyone!!

Jessica Vallance – Group Training Client