Frequently Asked Questions

Last updated: 26/03/2023.

FAQs – Displayed below is a selection of frequently asked questions along with their corresponding answers, which I receive on a regular basis. It is my hope that any queries you may have will be addressed on this page. Nevertheless, should you have any further concerns or topics that you would like to discuss with me, please feel free to contact me.

Yes, all packages come with bespoke tailored calorie targets, nutritional guidance & education, and an example meal template.

Each session is 1 hour long.

The more times we train together each week the better your results will be as I will be monitoring every variable.

You all have a direct telephone number for me, I am contactable on Whatsapp and aim to return messages within 12 hours. I also have a private Facebook group for all my clients with resources available within such as eating out guides and video tutorials.

Yes I do. I am here to help you and fit around your lifestyle and commitments.

This depends entirely on your goals. I hope that will love working with me that much you see the benefits and how much progress you have made across all areas.

No problem.  I have some of the best online coaching systems around and are able to get results no matter the geographical location.

Yes. As well as my successful gym-based clients, I do offer home-based/outside training. There is an additional charge to cover travel expenses and travelling time.

Yes, everyone has different goals and different lifestyle choices. This is why I offer the best personal service and why I can guarantee your results.

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